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Item #: PRO-1-FUT

Inventory Status: Available


The Pro-1 was my first product. It has been a standard of the industry for many years. Many of you have expressed your disappointment that we have not continued production of this fine product. Because of production cost increases it would now need to be sold at over $800.00 in order to meet margin requirements. THAT IS TOO HIGH OF A COST. I questioned the marketability at that price, so sadly I discontinued production. However new design modifications have been developed which will reduce production costs greatly, and not diminish the product's quality. We are not complete with our product design and tooling yet, but hope to have the new Pro-1 product available by the end of 1st quarter of 2017 as a best case plan. It is hoped that the new Pro-1 product would retail at less than $375.00. If you would like to be placed on a notification list for when the redesigned Pro-1 IS ACTUALLY AVAILABLE please purchase this $.01 (one cent) NOTIFICATION REQUEST and we will put you on our contact list. Even if you have asked before in other ways please do this to make sure you are on our new list. This will not only insure that you are notified, but your requests will also help me to determine our initial production quantities. In return I would offer those who did place themselves on this list a discount when the products return to stock. Ken