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Tension Tools

When you buy a Peterson Tool, you know you are getting the very best. The Peterson Plug Spinner is a perfect example. With the controlled power of its coil spring action, its easy one-handed operation, its tough durability and compact size, you know it’s an investment in excellence. What other plug spinner offers EZ-change tips and a lubrication port for a lifetime of smooth, sure spinning? With your choice of commercial or automotive tip, this handy little spinner measures a little over 4-1/2” long and only 1-1/8” wide; SMALL ENOUGH TO FIT IN YOUR PICK SET. Quickly change between the 0.060” thick automotive and smaller residential/commercial tips, both made from our government steel. Use either hand with our groundbreaking trigger action that keeps fingers away from the spinning tip. When you can carry a plug spinner made with THE QUALITY YOU EXPECT FROM PETERSON, why settle for anything less?


Please note that the automotive tips for this spinner (PST-A) have a 0.060" thick blade: that is definitely too thick for most commercial applications. The commercial tips (PST-C) have a more standard blade thickness and should be well enjoyed by locksmiths not specializing in automotive work. The FULLY INTERCHANGEABLE blades are made from our proprietary “Government Steel” and



PPS-1B - Peterson Plug Spinner
The Peterson Plug Spinner Set comes with both our commercial and automotive tips. We have even thrown in a spare spring for a complete package that will keep you ready for anything.


PST-A: Set of 2 Automotive Tips
With their longer tips and 0.060” thick blades, Peterson’s Government Stainless Steel Automotive Plug Spinner tips are perfect for manipulating auto locks, and many other similar cylinders.

PPS-1B, Plug Spinner with both tips and spare spring, $55.00


PST-A, Set of 2 Automotive Plug Spinner Tips, $14.00

PST-OK, Over-The-Key Plug Spinner Tip
Picking a lock in the wrong direction can be frustrating. Bumping the wrong way can be even worse. Longer pins can capture the bump key, making it impossible to insert a plug spinner. So it’s back to the shear line and start bumping again, right? Not with the Peterson Over-The-Key Spinner Tip. Mounting in seconds to the incredible Peterson Plug spinner, this tip fits over the bow of virtually any bump key. No need to insert another tip in the keyway, the Bump Key Is the Spinner Tip! Take a tip from the Peterson and get over on your bump key!



PST-B: 1 Automotive Tip & 1 Commerical Tip
Versatility Is Key! Peterson’s 2-piece Assorted Tip Set contains both our commercial and automotive tips to fulfill all your plug spinner needs.


PST-OK, Over-The-Key Plug Spinner Tip, $19.00


PST-B, (1 EA) Assorted Plug Spinner Tips, $14.00

PST-S, Plug Spinner Replacement Spring
Peterson knows how rigorous a workout security professionals put our tools through. You expect our tools to be tough, and we make them the way you expect. Made from the highest quality spring steel, our Plug Spinner Springs will last far beyond any other available model. But we think farther out than any other manufacturer. Because we built our Plug Spinner to get decades of hard use, we offer our Plug Spinner Replacement Springs. Peterson is ready to meet your needs, no matter how far in the future! Replacement springs come in sets of 2.



PST-C: Set of 2 Commercial Tips
Peterson’s high quality Government Stainless Steel Commercial Plug Spinner Tips are designed for a lifetime of smooth, strong performance.

PST-S, 2 Plug Replacement Spinner Springs, $8.00


PST-C, (2) Commercial plug spinner Tips, $14.00


29_6.6.3 Plug Spinner Text Courtesy of LSS+: Version 5.1, by Marc Weber Tobias.

A plug spinner can be very helpful if a cylinder is picked in the wrong direction, or if picking requires the plug to be rotated in one direction and then flipped. Often, due to wear of the plug or tumblers (because it is a right or left-handed lock) or the location of the lock, it may be easier to pick in one direction. The plug spinner provides a means to apply high rotational torque to the plug when picked and move the lower pins across shear line without having any drivers drop into lower chambers. There are several plug spinners that are available and they all accomplish the same task, but in slightly different ways.

Perhaps the best plug spinner that is now available is produced by Peterson Manufacturing, shown (ABOVE). It utilizes a coil spring and allows rotation in either direction. It can develop sufficient torque to effectively turn virtually any plug rapidly enough to cross the shear line without dropping pins or wafers. The blade that is inserted into the keyway can be easily replaced and will allow a sufficient link to the keyway to transfer rotational energy.

Tension Tools For Everest Locks: $49.00

Getting side-barred by Schlage Everest lock cylinders? Clear the way with a set of Peterson Everest Tension Tools! These specialty Tension Tools are designed to effectively neutralize the secondary locking function and enable you to smoothly pick Schlage Everest cylinders. They are finely machined & polished to allow a “no drag” high performance fit & have the strength and precision for the maximum performance you expect from Peterson Tools. The long finger will lift the Schlage “check pin” located at the rear of the cylinder’s keyway, while the second finger seats locks into the top of the keyway while avoiding contact with the lock’s first tumbler. We offer these tools as a pair so that you can pick close doors hung in either direction. Get the final turn with Peterson!



ET-2, Tension Tool For Everest Locks; left and right: $49.00

Flat 5 Serrated Tension Tool Set: $30.00

Put some spring in your pick with Peterson’s Flat-5 Tension Tools! The serrated teeth on our innovative design provide a locking grip between your tension tool and the keyway....even with a feather touch! This five-tool set contains three distinct types of tension wrenches for those who prefer a softer hand. Two are pairs with different flex resistance, to provide you with the soft or medium touch and tension you need. The European style toothless tool is ideal for smaller locks. All tools are double-ended, with standard and deep-depth feet, making recessed and protected cylinders a non-issue. With ten times the options, this set is a popular addition to many of our pick sets.



Flat-5, Flat 5 Serrated Tension Tool Set: $30.00


You asked for it, You Got It! The Peterson Pry Bar is for the many lock pickers who requested our strong and solid tension tool - but without teeth. At 0.050, our "Toothless" Pry Bar" is the width of the key blade segment of most keyways. This strong-arm partner is notched to eliminate contact with the first pin, flat to fit in your pick set, and has our serrated edge technology that locks it in any keyway! Made of our famous Government Stainless Steel: only the best, of course!


PPB-NT, Peterson Pry Bar - NO TEETH - 0.050 thick, Price: $8.00


And of course also needed to make the NO-Teeth version available in 0.040 as well. At 0.040” this mirrors our 0.050 thick Peterson Pry Bar - No Teeth, but again with the ability to fit more keyways. It too is made from the same Government Stainless Steel that made the original pry bar such a hit in the field. Many locksmiths buy both of our origional PryBars and PryBar lites.


PPB-LT-NT, Peterson Pry Bar Lite - No Teeth - 0.040 thick, Price: $8.00


You asked for it, You Got It! The Peterson Pry Bar is for the many locksmiths who requested a strong and solid tension tool. At 0.050,” our "Serrated Pry Bar" is the width of the key blade segment of most keyways. This strong-arm partner is notched to eliminate contact with the first pin, flat to fit in your pick set, and has our serrated edge technology that locks it in any keyway! Made of our famous Government Stainless Steel: only the best, of course!


PPB, Peterson Pry Bar - 0.050 thick, Price: $10.00

Peterson Pry Bar Lite: $10.00 GREAT FOR TOP OF KEYWAY PICKING

Who says you can’t please everyone? When several locksmiths felt our original pry bar was too thick for some of their needs, we did just that. Now almost everyone buys both! At 0.040” the Peterson Pry Bar Lite has the same great features as our Pry Bar, but with a little more flexibility of keyway fit. And, of course it has our serrated edge technology applied to lock it in the keyway! It is made from the same Government Stainless Steel that made the original pry bar such a hit in the field.


PPB-LT, Peterson Pry Bar Lite; 0.040 thick, Price: $10.00

Three Serrated Tension Tools: $22.00

Are tension tools giving you the slip? There are few things more frustrating than picking a lock down to the last pin, only to have the tension tool slip or jump out of the plug to test the patience (and polite vocabulary) of the calmest locksmith. Well, your hair-pulling days are over! Peterson’s Serrated Tension Tools ease the tension for many security professionals. The serrated teeth on our innovative design provide a locking grip between your tension tool and the keyway. Made from government steel and preformed to the perfect angle, they never need to be reshaped. Our three-piece set gives you the foot size and serration options to use in any location on any keyway. Once you try them, you will agree that these cutting edge tools are another Peterson product you will never want to be without!





STT-3, 3 Serrated Tension Tools, Price: $22.00

The Double Prong Pair: $12.00

Peterson constantly amazes the security world with groundbreaking new products. Sometimes, we find a way to make a popular design better. This is exactly what we have done for those locksmiths who prefer double-pronged tension tools. The problem with traditional tools of this type is that the tips tend to be fragile. That is why Peterson makes our Double Prong Tension Tools in ROBUST GOVERNMENT STEEL, giving the locksmith the long-lived tool they deserve. Our set of two gives you both of the most popular widths to choose from. Whichever one you need for the job at hand, you will know you made the right choice with Peterson!



DP-P, Double Prong Pair, $12.00

U-Bend-IT USA: $35.00

Made from government steel, Peterson’s U-Bend-IT USA kit equips you with the normal width tension tools typically used in the USA. Set contains 1 Bending Tool, (5) 0.020” Blanks, (5) 0.025” Blanks and (2) 0.030” Deluxe Blanks. Very useful when flat spring stock is required.


UBI-USA, U-Bend-IT U.S.A. - Flat Stock w/Bending tool: $35.00

U-Bend-IT Assorted: $35.00

This nice sampler of each blank thickness is popular with locksmiths who want to try each one. The Peterson U-Bend-IT Assorted Kit is made from government stainless steeland includes (5) 0.015” Blanks, (5) 0.020” Blanks, (5) 0.025” Blanks and 1 Peterson Bending Tool packaged in a handy, re-usable plastic tube. Very useful when flat spring stock is required.



UBI-A, U-Bend-IT Assorted - Flat Stock w/Bending tool: $35.00

U-Bend-IT Large Assortment: $45.00

Our Deluxe Set! Peterson’s U-Bend-IT Large Assortment Kit is made from government stainless steel and contains 5 blanks each of our 5 different tension tool materials, plus 2 wire cut premium 0.030” thick shims and our state-of-the-art Bending Tool. Very useful when flat spring stock is required.



UBI-LA, U-Bend-IT Large Assortment - Flat Stock w/Bending tool: $45.00

Our “U-Bend-it” TENSION TOOL BLANKS allow the locksmith to make a perfect tension tool in SECONDS. Many of these PETERSON spring steel selections come with a Peterson Bending Tool, but if you already have a tool select a "refill" which comes without the tool.

Remember that these blanks are Peterson Steel is now made from government steel, not like the common spring steel that breaks when you bend it.

While the government steel is as strong and resistant to bending as the other steels, when you reach the bending point with Peterson Steel you are allowed to make the bend you desire. And our bending tool has a built in radius forming element that will assist you with any steel you may want to bend.

The Peterson Bending Tool is made of thick slabs of steel laser - cut to perfection, then de-burred to provide you with the tough hard working tool you deserve. Did you notice that we put a hole in the end of the tool so that you can put it on your key chain?

We have provided a wider version tension strip for you in the UBI - Assorted kit. Our panel of locksmiths advised us that this width is not only better for automotive work, but the width has not interfered with any other locks they have tried out with it. And yes they have tried the smaller key way locks.

Locksmiths have a reputation for taking an existing tension wrench and adjusting it to meet their personal specifications. With our "U-Bend-it" kit series, the locksmith can make a special personalized tension wrench in minutes, to perfection, every time. Each of our tension wrench sets come with a Peterson Wrench Bending Tool. This special tool will allow the user to place a quality radius in each bend allowing our special steel to take the bend while maintaining the steel’s strength and integrity.

Now you can make your own tension tools!



PBT-1, Peterson Bending Tool, $12.00



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