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Tubular Picks: Peterson Pro-1

The Peterson PRO-1 tubular lock pick is the most universal tubular pick on the market. Representing the only new advancement in tubular lock picking in many years, our revolutionary design has become the standard against which all others are measured. The interchangeable tip design enables you to manipulate any number of cylinder diameters and configurations. The special tip design also allows the tool to enter & manipulate shrouded bicycle lock cylinders. The Peterson Pick operates from the "full locked" position of the pins, locating and decoding the "blocking pins" in whatever order they must be picked. This unique design bypasses the traps - those reduced diameter pins and spool/mushroom pins that will cause other picks to fail. The pick finger adjusting thimbles eliminate problems encountered with locks having strong and light driver springs mixed in the same cylinder.


Tubular Pick
$425.00 How the Pro-1 Works

8 Spare Wires $50.00 Show Me More

.380-7 pin keytip $50.00 Show Me More

.380-8 pin keytip $50.00 Show Me More

DN-7 pin keytip $50.00 Show Me More

.360-7 pin keytip $50.00 Show Me More

KK-7 pin keytip $50.00 Show Me More

Decoder Kit $22.00 Show Me More

Collar & Screw Kit $8.00 Show Me More

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