Best of luck to you in this crazy world!

I get slapped in the face every time I go to the grocery store or gas station: just like you do.

But we are also getting slapped in the face by my suppliers every time we place an order.

The reasons? Gas has gone nuts - so the same for plastic (when you can find it). (We had a pre-mixed batch of red - hence the red pick sets). But our molder has increased his per part charge for the third time in two years - in addition to the plastics increase!

So unfortunately we had to raise our prices so that our employees (and I) could also afford to buy food and gas; plus required parts for Peterson!

Along the many years we have changed suppliers to keep our costs down, and often also ignored lesser cost increases not passing them onto keep from constant small increases. But they add up as time goes by.  So as I went through this unhappy exercise I corrected everything.

Just looking out for you - telling you now so you won't be supprised by the price increases at Peterson that all of us see in the grocery storeevery day!

Most of our pricing is up by only 10 to 15%; but there are some notable exceptions as you can understand from reading the above. 

So to help those of you who were planning on making a purchase in the near future: HERE IS A COUPON CODE FOR 15% OFF!


EXPIRES May 12th 2022

Best of luck to all of you in this crazy world! 

Thank you for being a Peterson Customer!

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