PLEASE READ -- The Coronavirus Crisis

Today the population of our world is concerned and fearful about the serious Coronavirus epidemic that is beginning to take hold. While in generally good health, I myself am over 70 years old – and may be at greater risk than many others.

But I have a concern that we may not actually be facing this serious threat together. The current run on toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, bottled water and alcohol has totally emptied store shelves. Food stocks appear to be next on the list. It appears many folks are in panic, and are purchasing well beyond their normal needs.

While I understand that when the many who do not normally use a hand sanitizer, purchase it for the first time, those many purchases cause depletion of store inventories. But the panicked stockpiling of food, toilet paper, paper towels, alcohol and many other items creates problems for the rest of those who are just trying to meet their own daily or weekly needs.  

As just one example of consequences: too many people buying a 6 month supply or more of toilet paper resulting in the empty shelves found in stores today. People are also actually stealing toilet paper from public bathrooms now either because they cannot find it in stores, or due to their own greed....

Remember that if you do not leave some soap, bleach and alcohol on the shelves for others to share, they will not be able to sanitize themselves and their environments. That will help the spread of the virus: bringing all of us to further risk.

Please share and allow products to be available for others. We need to face this serious threat together, as a community, instead of individually panicking and making things worse. Remember: Panic is very contagious too.  And it can seriously damage our society in this time of great need.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said in his inaugural address: The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

Today we have a realistic fear of this new virus, but President Roosevelt's remarks are still very applicable in that if we succumb to this fear, our human panic and greed will make it more difficult for our society to function effectively to face the serious challenges before us all.

Ken Persson