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    Over the years our mini-knives have changed a bit for various reasons. One reason was to make sure we made the very best, but of course those pesky lock manufacturers trying to block the tools was another.  :-) A final reason has been that as thin...

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  • American Padlock Bypass Tool American Padlock Bypass Tool

    American Padlock Bypass Tool

    As easy as using the key, Peterson's American Padlock Bypass Tool fits cleanly down the key-way of series 700 and 1100 American Padlocks and many other similar designs. This tool also bypasses frozen cylinders and damaged tumblers. Quickly and easily...

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  • Peterson Knife Tool Peterson Knife Tool

    Peterson Knife Tool

    Get right to the point with a Peterson Knife Tool! Our knife tool saves you time and effort by quickly opening many toe, heel, (and some toe & heel) padlocks. Pop most filing cabinet locks without picking or jimmying. Bypass the locking function on...

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  • 4-Piece DAMEs Bypass Set

    4-Piece DAMEs Bypass Set

    What makes Peterson world famous? One reason is the top quality tools we continue to develop for security professionals around the globe. Wherever you find locks, you find Peterson tools doing exactly what their names describe. Our DAMES Series bypass...

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  • Adams Rite Slim Jim Adams Rite Slim Jim

    Adams Rite Slim Jim

    This ARSJ is made from our Carbon spring Steel, and has an Electroless Nickel plating applied. This one is a winner! Peterson's Adams Rite Slim Jim is an effective tool against a variety of secure door latches. Use it with an air wedge to defeat many...

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  • American 3 Piece Wafer Breaker Kit

    American 3 Piece Wafer Breaker Kit

    In one complete package, Peterson's American Wafer Breaker Kit provides you with everything you need to defeat series 700 and 1100 American Padlocks. The kit contains one pair of wafer breaker tools and one bypass tool; this kit will save you time at a...

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  • Adams Rite DL Trip Wire

    Adams Rite DL Trip Wire

    Frozen tumblers? Seized plug? No Problem! Peterson's Adams-Rite Latch Trip Wire goes right through the key-way to retract the latch with the greatest of ease. One turn duplicates the action of the cylinder tailpiece, making the lock's design work for you...

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  • Peterson Bump Hammer - Black

    Peterson Bump Hammer - Black

    The Peterson Bump Hammer is designed without sharp corners to protect your fingers and thumbs. Additionally our narrow ergonomic handle and textured finish allow for a firmer, steadier grip. Our weighting holes mean you can also vary the hammer weight to...

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    "Due to the incredible increase in our costs for these well liked products, we have had to increase our pricing to compensate for those much higher costs.   OTOSCOPE from KEN PERSSON on Vimeo.  

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  • Fiber Filled Bypass Shim

    Fiber Filled Bypass Shim

    Our top selling bypass shim material works for you where others won't. Light metal shims kink and twist. Brittle plastic tears and creases. Not a Peterson Shim! Our six-inch square of plastic impregnated fabric defeats the tightest jamb and most stubborn...

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