Plug Spinners

  • Plug Spinner with both tips and spare spring

    When you buy a Peterson Tool, you know you are getting the very best. The Peterson Plug Spinner is a perfect example. With the controlled power of its coil spring action, its easy one-handed operation, its tough durability and compact size, you know it's...

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  • Over-The-Key Plug Spinner Tip

    Picking a lock in the wrong direction can be frustrating. Bumping the wrong way can be even worse. Longer pins will capture the bump key, making it impossible to insert a plug spinner. So it's back to the shear line and start bumping again, right? Not...

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  • 2 Plug Spinner Replacement Springs

    PST-S, Plug Spinner Replacement Springs Peterson knows how rigorous a workout security professionals put our tools through. You expect our tools to be tough, and we make them the way you expect. Made from the highest quality spring steel, our Plug...

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