Tubular Lock Picks

  • Pro-1(2) in it's case. Top view of the case.

    PRO-1 Series 2 - Tubular Lock Pick

    The Pro1 tubular lock pick is a hands on picking tool. It is useful for standard (0.380 diameter) 7 pin locks (including 7 left and 7 right) and 8 pin locks. It also has tips for the standard 0.360 and .340 7 pin locks. It also has a specific tip for the...

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  • 8 Overmolded Replacement Probe Wires for PRO-1

    Here they are: Replacement Push Wires for the Pro-1 family. Over-molded with fiber filled nylon, these wires will give new life to your older Pro-1. With use the ends of the wires wear from the initial flat face to a rounded end. As the tips get rounded...

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  • 5 Key Tips, 2 Allen Keys, Collar and Gauge

    Make a good tool better. Want to put the latest and greatest key-tips on your older Pro-1? Here is a full tip replacement kit for you. It is a state of the art set that incorporates everything we have learned about making tubular lock picking tips over...

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