Turning Tools

  • Peterson Pry Bar Extra Lite- 0.030 Thick

    BY POPULAR DEMAND! Our new "Ultra-Lite pry-bar" is GREAT FOR TOP OF KEY WAY PICKING in narrow key-ways. This is a 0.030 thick version of our strong and solid tension tool. At 0.030, our "Toothless" Pry Bar" is the width of the key blade segment of most...

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  • Double Prong Pair

    Peterson constantly amazes the security world with groundbreaking new products. Sometimes, we find a way to make a popular design better. This is exactly what we have done for those locksmiths who prefer double-pronged tension tools. The problem with...

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  • Peterson Pry Bar - 6 pc Collection

    What a deal! BECAUSE CUSTOMERS PEOPLE ASKED FOR IT...... All 6 of our Peterson pry-bars (3 with teeth, 3 without), which gives you a set of 0.050, a set of 0.040, and a set of out latest release the 0.030. And it is discounted $9.00! By the way, you...

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  • Check Pin Defeat Tool for Everest Locks

    This Peterson ECPD -1 Specialty Tool is designed for Schlage Everestīƒ¤ cylinders. Insert it into THE RH BOTTOM your cylinder into Schlage's special check pin broaching groove. The long finger will lift the Schlage "check pin" located at the rear of the...

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  • Over-The-Key Plug Spinner Tip

    Picking a lock in the wrong direction can be frustrating. Bumping the wrong way can be even worse. Longer pins will capture the bump key, making it impossible to insert a plug spinner. So it's back to the shear line and start bumping again, right? Not...

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  • 2 Plug Spinner Replacement Springs

    PST-S, Plug Spinner Replacement Springs Peterson knows how rigorous a workout security professionals put our tools through. You expect our tools to be tough, and we make them the way you expect. Made from the highest quality spring steel, our Plug...

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  • U-Bend-It Assorted - Flat Stock w/Bending Tool

    U-Bend-It Assorted - Flat Stock w/Bending Tool

    This nice sampler of each blank thickness is popular with locksmiths who want to try each one. The Peterson U-Bend-IT Assorted Kit is made from government stainless steel and includes (5) 0.015" Blanks, (5) 0.020" Blanks, (5) 0.025" Blanks and 1 Peterson...

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